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Intra-Body Communication Using Redtacton

M. Shalini, B. Sowmiya, J. Suvedha, A. Vinothapriya, Jeeva Jebakani


Nowadays new technologies and various instruments are been developed to improve the patient monitoring systems. Diagnosis and treatment are majorly dependent on monitoring information. We are presents a new concept of communication method called as Intra-Body communication in biomedical field. Human body is used as a medium of transmission of data. Applications of Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs) are extended from remote health care to military, sports, disaster relief, etc. With the network scale expanding, nodes increasing, and links complicated, a WBAN evolves to a body-to-body network. Along with the development, energy saving and data security problems are highlighted. Existing systems uses cables and wires to measure health related parameters like temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, etc. this makes the patient very uncomfortable and immovable. This especially increases the complexity in case of long term emergency and risk patients. The use of this technology in medical monitoring systems eliminates the complexity that involves cables, wires for transmission of data.

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