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IoT Based Smart Tracking and Monitoring System for Vehicle

G. Vaitheeswaran, K. Shanmugan, R. Vasanth, M. Surya Prakash, C. Udhayakumar


Owner/Driver of the vehicle can lock/unlock car using mobile. Location of your vehicle can be tracked using GPS integrated with Google maps. While not keeping the lane, alert is given to the driver to keep lane using IR Sensor. In over-taking conditions, ultrasonic sensors at rear of car, senses vehicles at back and gives alert to driver whether to over-take or not. Also, finding of parking areas is a difficult task for all drivers. They have to drive to nearest parking area but that parking area may be filled. It increases fuel consumption in finding other parking area and also increases traffic congestion. It can be avoided by checking nearest available parking slots using Parking assistant. Also, customer can be keeping in track of their vehicle. Range finding sensors in-front of vehicles detects range between two vehicles and alerts the driver. Infotainment system gives all necessary information. Fuel level also can be monitored.


Internet of Things, Fuel Monitoring, GSM-GPS Tracking System, Lane Keeping System

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