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Automatic Drive Away From International Boundary

K. Murugan, R. Arivuselvan, R. Harishankar, P. Kathiravan, V. Vijay Bhupathi


The application can be widely used by people in the border to find the appropriate path to reach the destination. In this mechanism, we have implemented embedded system to save the fisherman life and to avoid the problem between two countries hence make good relationship between them. The fisherman crosses the sub border then warning signal is given to country coastal guard.

The boat will be automatically stop the forward motion and the motor starts to rotate in reverse motion and the flaps are controlled by the application. All manual control will be overridden. The RF transmitted and receiver will sends the data packets between the boat and the coast guard. By means of the immediate action, the coastal guard can stop the fisherman in crossing the border.


Coast Guard, Marite Border, Border Alter.

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