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Smart Electronic Door Locking System

S. Sunitha, M. Anjali Naidu, K. Anusha Devi, K. Bala Apeksha, R. Deepa


This paper introduces the concept of Smart Door with Face Unlock, which functions as a smart electronic/digital door lock device. The architecture of the locking mechanism and the program frame work is discussed. The Internet of Things (IoT) has made it easy to set up a smart home surveillance system; it has also made it quick and comparatively cheap to track your home anywhere and anytime. The biggest concern with the conventional home protection frame work is that it can be quickly compromised and very out of date. This, in essence, results in fraud and therefore involves the implementation of an expensive surveillance system. To fix this issue, we are proposing a smart home protection device that is both IoT and Face Recognition enabled. In our method, we are going to change regular shelf to include a security system that can be unlocked using Face Authentication. We are going to create a Windows Forms program in C# that can store, check and unlock trust worth faces. It uses the FacePlusPlus API for face checking and the Bolt IoT Cloud API for connectivity with Bolt WiFi Module and Aurdino. We will interface the Bolt WiFi Module with the Aurdino Uno, which will power the servo motor to lock or unlock the door. The machine requires a Face Authentication to enable the visitor to access the house. When an unknown user attempts to log in to the machine, the door will not unlock.


IoT, Smart Home Security, Face Recognition, FacePlusPlus API, Bolt IoT Cloud API, Bolt Wi-Fi Module, Arduino, Authentication.

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