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Safe Social Distance Monitoring and Face Mask Detection in Public Areas

N. R. Sanjana, S. Keerthana, C. Shreyash, D. Varshini Maganur, N. P. Nagamnai


Even in most developed countries, COVID-19 has a very big impact in the health care departments. Despite the fact that India has taken initiative actions to unlocking, withstand the pandemic demands an integrated effort by the organization, authorities at one side and local people at another side to manage control the spread of this virus. According to World Health Organization (W.H.O), the pandemic has shown severe impact and over ten million people have been infected worldwide. Research on finding the solution for the vast spread of this virus is still on process. The current study which is found here is about various causes for spreading the diseases from root and how technology is used in controlling such situations. One of the most helpful methods that is to be participating during this entire situation by wearing mask and maintaining social distancing. Video processing as well as Image processing are the methods used for monitoring the social distancing among people and also to monitor the people whether they follow the face mask protection and there are many tools which are to be used here. The manual monitoring method would cost more, requires much time and may not be accurate. So, the fast and better model is needed to monitor.


Computer Vision, COVID-19, Face Mask Detection. Image Processing, Social Distancing, Video Processing.

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