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Design of High Accuracy Fixed Width Modified Booth Multiplier for MAC Unit

M. Thamaraiselvi, G.R. Mahendra Babu


In the majority of Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
applications the critical operations are the multiplication and
accumulation. Real-time signal processing requires high accuracy and high throughput Multiplier-Accumulator unit (MAC) to achieve a high performance digital signal processing system. We successfully proposed the MAC unit using high accuracy fixed-width Booth multiplier. The carry is generated from LSB minor part using Bitonic sorter based Carry generator. A sorting network is a special kind of
sorting algorithm, where the sequence of comparisons is not
data-dependent. Sorting network suitable for implementation in hardware or in parallel processor arrays. Bitonic sort is developed on the basis of the 0-1 principle. The 0-1-principle states that a comparator network that sorts every sequence of 0's and 1's in a sorting network. The simulation results show that the performance is superior to that using the direct-truncation fixed-width Booth multiplier.


Bitonic Sorter, Carry Generator, Digital Signal Processing, Multiplier-Accumulator Unit.

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