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An Three-Level PWM ZVS DC-DC Converter with C and π Filters

R. Premalatha, P. Murugesan


This paper deals with modeling and simulation of Zero Voltage Switching Pulse Width Modulation Three Level DC to DC Converter for Open Loop Operation with C and π-Filter . DC Input voltage of 220V is stepped down to 48V using an efficient DC to DC Converter. Direct current is converted into high frequency Alternating current using Three Level Inverter. The Output of Inverter is stepped down and converted into DC using an controlled rectifier. This circuit has advantages like reduced transformer size and reduced filter requirement. The oscillations and voltage stress of the input voltage is reduced by the two clamping diodes ,in the meanwhile, all the switches turn on and off at zero voltage in this paper. The Operation principle of open loop DC-DC converter with π-Filter was analysed.


Pulse-Width-Modulation, Soft-Switching, Three-Level Converter, Zero Voltage Switching.

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