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Efficient Operation of Solar Power Based Power Management for Remote Power Application

T. A. Sivasangari, A. Sudhanandhi, A. P. Sambavi, S. Vivekanandan


The growing need of electrical energy can be fulfilled by harnessing energy from Renewable Energy Sources (RES) along with conventional sources of energy. By understanding need of electricity and available energy sources and storage, energy management can be done. The task of Energy Management System (EMS) is to manage the energy between source and load. In recent decades photovoltaic power generation has become very important due to its many benefits such as needs a few maintenance and far many researches are conducted and many papers were published and suggested different methods for extracting maximum power. This paper presents in detail the power management of the extracted power of PV system. The simulation has been accomplished in Proteus software containing photo-voltaic array, controller and energy management block. From the perspective of consumers, we can investigate how to minimize the expected costs with real time electricity pricing, which is the focus of this paper.


Pulse Width Modulation, Photo Voltaic, Renewable Energy Sources, Power Management.

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