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Automated Lubrication System for Chain Conveyers

S. Kanagavalli, N. Richard Thomas, G. Sellakumar, R. Sudhan, S. Uthayakumar


The control and monitoring of the lubrication process in chain conveyers (apron feeder chain) using Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). Here cyclic cleaning of the apron feeder chain takes place with instrument air, the chain links are oiled using magnetic pump with the help of speed sensor and also the oil level in the tank is monitored and controlled. The main objective of our project is to replace the micro controller supplied by WOERNER which is proprietary item supplied along with SKID to PLC as the control unit so as to increase the efficiency of lubrication and to implement additional monitoring and control of the oil tank level system and also to tackle and troubleshoot problems online. The apron feeder chain lubrication is programmed in PLC which is an assembly of I/O modules with digital logic elements designed to make logic decisions and provide outputs. The apron feeder system consists of lubrication oil tank level sensors, apron speed sensors, lube oil magnetic pump, air compressor solenoid valve etc. the automation of the lubrication system will increase the life time and efficiency of apron feeder by reducing the friction in the chain and noise pollution.

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