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Smart Sensors in IoT for Smart Irrigation System in Modern Agriculture

Shoyebmohamad F. Shaikh, Anis Tarfaya


Internet is experiencing a very explosive growth nowadays with the amount of the devices connecting to it. Earlier we had only Personal Computers (PCs) and Mobile handset connected to internet but now with Internet of Things i.e. IoT concept of connecting things with internet, millions of device are connecting with it. IoT is a revolutionary technology that represents the future of communication & computing. These days IoT is used in every field like smart homes, smart traffic control smart cities etc. The area of implementation of IoT is vast and can be implemented in every field. This paper is about the implementation of IoT in Agriculture. IoT helps in better crop management ,better resource management, cost efficient agriculture, improved quality and quantity, crop monitoring and field monitoring etc. can be done. The IoT sensors used in proposed model are air temperature sensor, soil pH sensor, soil moisture sensor, humidity sensor, water volume sensor


IoT, Agriculture, Farming, Sensors.

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