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E-Shaped Antenna for GSM/3G Applications

K. Ramu, K. Kishore Reddy, M. Gowtham Reddy, R. Thandaiah Prabu


The proposed E-shaped Microstrip patch antenna is designed for GSM and 3G applications. For this E Shaped antenna simulated results for main parameters such as return loss, bandwidth, radiation patterns and gains are also discussed here. In the simulation we achievedfr=1.2 GHz Gain=5.68, Directivity=6.74 and Return losses =   -23.62dB. By changing feeding points fr=1.5GHz, Return Loss= - 29dB was achieved for GSM Band and fr=1.9 GHz, Return loss = -32dB for 3 G band after fabrication. The Designing & simulation of this antenna is done in ADS Softwareand fabricated antenna was tested by network analyzer.


GSM, 3G, Microstrip Antenna, GPS, ADS

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