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Effects of Adaption Gain in Direct Model Reference Adaptive Control for a Single Conical Tank System

R. Rajesh, P. Hari Krishnan


This paper implement and analysis the effects of direct Model Reference Adaptive Control (MRAC) for a single conical tank system. Classical control strategies fail due to its high nonlinearity, continuously varying area, and loading effects of a single conical tank system. To overcome the shortfalls, this article proposed the MRAC scheme for controlling the level of a single conical tank process. The MRAC can be regarded as an adaptive servo system, in which the desired performance is expressed in terms of a reference model that provides the anticipated response to a command signal. The selection of adaption gain is the most important part in the design of MRAC, particularly in real-time applications. This article analyses the effect of adaption gain from the lower value to upper value. The simulation result shows the higher values of adaption gain improves the system performances and reduces the error when compared with the lower values of adaption gain. To improving the stability and reliability of adaptive control, improved MRAC scheme is proposed with PID controller. This improved version has two loops such as inner loop and outer loop. Inner loop act as a normal feedback with PID controller and outer loop act as an adaptive control for parameter adjustment. This proposed approach shows, better performance than normal MRAC. The entire analyses are simulated in MATLAB R2013a environment.


Model Reference Adaptive Control; Adaption Gain; PID Controller; Single Conical Tank System; Reference Model; MIT Rule.

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