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Power Quality Improvement in Power System Using Multilevel Inverter under Non Linear Load Condition

T. Jayasurya, M. Vignesh, M. Subramanian, K. Balachandran, P. Thenmozhi, Dr. P. Gomathi


The multilevel inverter reduces the harmonic contents and achieves sinusoidal signals. The hybrid active filter to achieve power quality compensation and active power filter with low power rating is used to filter the other higher order harmonics and power factor can also be improved. Almost near to unity with the help of shunt capacitors this system helps to improve the electrical supply quality. A Multilevel Inverter (MLI) is a power electronic device built to produce a desired A.C voltage from several levels of DC voltages.

Generally unbalanced voltages will occur at supply side these can be eliminated by using multi-level Inverter. Hence increase the efficiency of the system if the system stability problems or power quality issues which needs to be resolved and limited utilization and they operate at relatively low power level with respect to the designed power rating during most of long-term field operations High temperature peaks and variations on switching devices due to the intermittency which accelerates the degradation of the switching devices. To tackle the overloading issue, this system therefore proposes a hybrid power control concept with the objective to improve the system performance and increase the power factor of multilevel inverter and hence MATLAB simulation have been carried out.


Multilevel Inverter, Higher Order Harmonics, Hybrid Power Control.

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