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A Web Based System for ECG Data Transfer Using ZIGBEE/IEEE Technology

V. Saravanan, K. Prakalathan, R. Karthik


This paper specifies the development of a remote monitoring system for ECG signals. The system provides remote monitoring of several patients wearing a portable device equipped with ZigBee/IEEE RF module connective based on wireless sensor networks. We have designed to record on-line database, server computer used to analyze ECG signals and detect serious heart anomalies in time sent alarm to authorized medical staffs or physician through telecommunication network. The main advantages of the proposed framework are (1) The ability to detect signals wirelessly within a Body Area Network (BAN) (2)Low-power and reliable data sensing through ZigBee network nodes and (3) Optimized analysis of data through an adaptive tiered architecture that maximizes the utility of processing and computational capacity at each of three stages. We are currently building a prototype of the proposed system using in-house ECG probes and ZigBee radio modules.


Zigbee-Ieee 802.15.4 Standard, Wireless ECG Monitoring System, Mysql Database and Php Language.

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