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Reactive Power Reduction in Renewable Energy Source Using Filter

Jiji John, E. Sheeba Percis, A. Nalini, Pandi G Sabareeswari


In olden days the use of wind power in mankind is the sail boat. Then demand of electricity is more. By using the conventional power plant unable to manage the demand of electricity. So the renewable energy can be used wind power mill. The modern grid requirement has caused the wind power system behave more like a conventional rotating generators. In these days windmill are used to power a house and also transfer power to the grid for purpose of maintaining voltage. In the existing system LCL filter is used to achieve half value of reactive power or harmonic current can be reduced. In the proposed system the adaptive filter can be used for better performance Furthermore, it is also found that the annual energy loss could even become lower with the optimized filter and thereby more energy production for the wind turbine.



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