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Implementation of Grain Sorting System Using Raspberry Pi

Anita M. Jadhav, Makarand N. Kakatkar


Today, India ranks second worldwide in agriculture. There is production like rice, sugar, wheat, Bajara Etc. So it is to monitor and control their quality according to their size, color and chalkiness for the packaging section. Product value of agriculture product depends on its quality and value .So quality becomes dominant factor in the agricultural production .There is system that measures the quality of product as the testing done by human ,so it is not reliable at all-time of its working hour because of the human limits .So we have developed the embedded solution with the help of image processing to do sorting of the grains .Here their quality can be estimated using the simultaneously taking frames and applying the image processing algorithm for that frame and get results as the quality of the grains. Raspberry PI is suitable for adaptive technology. For the testing purpose we have selected the rice as testing product and testing parameters are the whiteness, size, physical defect and color defects.


Raspberry Pi, Image Processing, Matplotlib, Blob Analysis.

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