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Enhancement of Video Sequence by Stabilization Technique

Dr. M. Ezhilarasan, P. Vinoth Kumar, R. Nirmal Kumar, K. Srinivasan


Video Enhancement is a wide range of techniques which is used to boost the quality of the video. Video stabilization removes the redundant motion fluctuations present in the video. In this paper, we present a practical method to remove the annoying shaky motion and restructure a stabilized video sequence with good visual quality. Typically, this is achieved by applying a certain amount of corrective motion displacement onto each video frame, such that to cancel the effect of high frequency fluctuations. We present an algorithm for video stabilization comprising three operations: Global Motion Estimation, Image Smoothing, and Image
De-Blurring. The experimental results show the capability of the proposed algorithm to reduce the unwanted motion and proved to nmgive the finest results.


Global Motion Estimation, Image Smoothing, Image De-Blurring.

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