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Design and Simulation of Five Level Inverter Based DSTATCOM using Space Vector Modulation

K. V. Haris, C. Hrudhya Kurian, P. Anil Antony


Nowadays improvement of power quality in distribution systems has been increased gradually. Traditionally, fixed, mechanical switched reactor/capacitor banks, synchronous condensers and Static Var Compensator have been used for improving the power quality in distribution systems. In recent years, applications of inverter based power quality conditioner have been growing for reactive power compensation in distribution systems. Since their response is faster than that of the conventional compensators. Distribution STATCOM (D-STATCOM) is an inverter based power quality conditioner device used to improve the power quality in distribution systems. Here modeling and the control of a distribution static synchronous compensator (DSTATCOM), with the aim of improving the quality of electric systems; we were using PI and Fuzzy controllers for controlling. Switching pulses for the five-level inverter are generated by Space Vector Modulation (SVM) technique. Implementations of models and control algorithms is carried out through simulations in SimPowerSystems of MATLAB/Simulink.


Space Vector Pulse Density Modulation, Multilevel Inverter, STATCOM.

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