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Design of Differential Input High Gain Op-Amp Using 180 nm Technology

Kiran B. Admane, Dr. M. B. Mali


Operational amplifier is a building block of an analog electronic. Now more number of application are using in their product. A Two stage differential amplifier Dual input and single ended output opamp is designed for high gain, high bandwidth, and for high noise immunity. This design have DC gain of 70dB, Phase Margin=450, ICMR (+) =1.6v, ICMR (-) =0.8v, load capacitance ≤300µw. Vdd =1.8v. These specifications designed in the cadence virtuoso in 180nm technology.


Cadence Virtuoso, CMOS Opamp, Common Mode Rejection Ratio, Differential Amplifier, Phase Margin, Slew Rate.

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