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Mitigating 132kV Transmission Line Outage Due To Lightning Shielding Failure

Gabriel Modukpe, D. C. Idoniboyeobu, C. O. Ahiakwo, S. L. Briade


132kV Transmission line shielding failure occurs when a lightning stroke escape the sky wire and hit the phase conductor thereby causing induced overvoltage resulting to unplanned outage and possible equipment failure. Considering the economic cost of 132kV transmission line outage on power companies and the inconveniences it has on the energy user, the need for improved protection is of paramount importance. By applying Line Meta-Oxide Surge Arrester along the to damp the overvoltage effect of the shielding failures and Modeling the transmission line using PSCAD-EMTDC 4.5, the lightning response was improved and the lightning overvoltage reduced to its barest minimum hence keeping the line healthy to the benefit of the power companies and the end users.


Mitigate, Shielding Failure, Lightning Phenomenon, 132kV, Transmission Line, Meta-Oxide Surge Arrester, PSCAD-EMTDC, Overvoltage.

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