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Adaptive Filter for Impulse Noise Suppression

K. Ganesh, D. Gopi, Hari Prasath, H. Mohammed Hassic, L. Rama Sethu


An efficient development of median & adaptive median filter is presented for removal of salt & pepper noise from digital Images.  The algorithms of these two filters are discussed in detail.  Simulation is done using Matlab and Modelsim software’s. When sending images through channels, there are some corrupted images by salt and pepper noise, due to unknown communication.  Impulse noise is also referring as salt and pepper noise.  The fixed valued impulse noise corrupts the true intensity value in random position with corruptive values in the extreme ranges, i.e ‘0’ and ‘255’ called as salt and pepper noise.  An output error signal is activated if a corrupted image pixel is detected, then, a partial or complete reconfiguration can be performed to remove the configuration memory error. The noise free images are fully recovered with minimum signal distortion.  The nonlinear digital filters are best to remove impulse noise.  Adaptive Median filter identifies the noisy pixels and make them to arrange as original pixels without noisy pixels.

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