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Bit Error Rate Analysis of Jamming for OFDM Systems

N. Amutha Prabha, C. Ashwin Kumar, S. Revathi, P. Vighnesh


This work evaluates the BER performance of different jamming strategies including Barrage Noise Jamming (BNJ), Partial Band Jamming (PBJ) and Multi-tone Jamming (MTJ) in time-correlated Rayleigh fading channel with AWGN .In this paper, we use Binary Phase Shift Keying (BPSK) as our signal mapping method. Higher order modulation techniques can be used as well, but these two are sufficient for us to analyze the essence of the problem. The Cyclic Prefix is used as Guard Interval to eliminate ISI between the data blocks.


Rayleigh Fading, Partial Band Jamming, Barrage Noise Jamming, Jamming Fraction

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