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Development of IoT Application in Agriculture Sector using Smart Sensors

Dr. M. Jayakameswaraiah, Mohammed Maghdum Hussain, Chunduri Pavan Kumar


The growing world technology is increasing in a faster way. The main technology today we speak is IoT (Internet of Things). The IoT which helps us in our daily life and a promising technology which every sector and industrial were using. The main sector which IoT can be very helpful is agriculture sector, in which we can take the agriculture in our country to a different level. In past years our country has faced a lot of critical situations in agriculture where due to low rainfall or excess rainfall which made the life of farmers more critical. With the help of IoT we can make a lot of development in agriculture sector and also we can monitor corps and find out the status of the corps with low cost. This paper provides the detailed information on how the IoT technology will help the agriculture sector with smart sensors.


Internet of Things, Applications, Smart Sensors, Agriculture Sector.

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