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An Intelligent Vehicles Tracking System using Cloud Environment

Ronggang Lang, Feng Gu, Juan F. García


A collision avoidance system is an automobile safety system designed to reduce the severity of an accident. Also known to prevention the function of the system from fault, forward collision warning system or collision mitigating system, it uses radar (all-weather) and sometimes laser and camera (both sensor types are ineffective during bad weather) to detect an sudden crash. Once the detection is over, these systems either provide a warning to the driver when there is a sudden collision or take action separately without any driver input (by braking or steering or both). The accident can be avoided by braking is appropriate at low vehicle speeds (e.g. below 50 km/h), same can be done by steering is appropriate at higher vehicle speeds. Cars with collision avoidance may also be equipped by monitoring the traveling information, and use the same forward-looking sensors. In India the total annual deaths due to road accidents has crossed 1.18 lakh, according to the latest report of National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). If these deficiencies are not controlled at initial stage they may lead to huge economic problems affecting the road side networks. The main part of the work was to carry out a possibility study on vehicle collision avoidance system using wireless sensor networks. Secure-Pre Warning Collision Avoidance Algorithm (S-PWCA) is a purpose of need for laser sensor using this it is possible for collision avoidance. A day to day activities results shows that, the newly developed technique is realistic solution for secure Inter vehicle Communication Network and provides secure communication for broadcasting messages. Simulation results show Low delay, high throughput performance and high reliability for secure message.


CAN Controller, Secure-Pre Warning Collision Avoidance Algorithm, Collision, Laser, Zigbee Networks.

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