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An Extensive I/P Voltage and Fixed Frequency of Single-Stage AC/DC LLC Resonant Converter

P. Ganesh, T. Manokaran, M. Sudha


In this paper design of a single-stage LLC resonant converter are presented. A single-stage converter uses only one control signal to drive two power converters, a power factor corrector (PFC) converter and a dc/dc converter, for reducing the cost of the system. However, this simplicity induces power imbalance between two converters, and then, the bus voltage between two converters drifts and becomes unpredictable. To ensure that the bus capacitor voltage can be kept in a tolerable region, the characteristics of a PFC converter and an LLC tank are investigated, and then, a design procedure is proposed correspondingly. Finally, a single-stage LLC resonant converter is implemented to verify the analysis.


AC–DC Power Conversion, LLC Resonant Power Conversion

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