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Temperature Analysis of Advanced Novel Materials using ERIM

Huey-Ing Liu, N. P. Galatsanos, R. M. Nishikawa


As per the thermophysical properties, the temperature of an advanced novel materials has been observed closer between the results computed by Extended Rigid Ion Model (ERIM) developed by the author and the experimental data. In this novel material due to their wide range of attractive properties, numerous scientific and technological applications are there which show various interesting physical properties, e.g., semiconductivity, piezoelectricity, catalytic activity, ferroelectric, dielectric, ion conducting, colossal magnetoresistance, thermoelectricity superconductivity and metal-insulator transition. Till now, the physical properties like mechanical, cohesive, thermal, transport, elastic, etc., were reported rarely about their analysis details. For the better understanding of the complex physical properties, the structural, elastic and thermal properties of these materials are the basic things. Fuel cells, thermally stable capacitors, humidity sensors, gas sensors, electroluminescent flat displays and optoelectronic devices etc are some of the potential applications in advanced novel materials. These results can guide the researchers in future and currently they are of academic interest.

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