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Distributed STATCOM for Voltage Sag and Harmonics Compensation

D. Rajasekaran, Dr. Subhransu Sekhar Dash


Devices such as power electronics converters inject harmonic currents in the AC system and increase overall reactive power demanded by the loads.  Also the number of sensitive loads that require ideal sinusoidal supply voltages for their proper operation has increased.  In order to keep power quality under limits proposed by standards, it is necessary to include some sort of compensation. Traditionally, fixed, mechanical switched reactor/capacitor banks and Static Var Compensator have been used for improving the power quality issue in distribution systems. In recent years, applications of inverter based power quality conditioner have been growing for reactive power compensation in distribution systems, since their response is faster than that of the conventional compensators. Distribution STATCOM (D-STATCOM) is an inverter based power quality conditioner device used to improve the power quality issues in distribution systems.  This paper deals with modeling and simulation of DSTATCOM with Energy Storage System based on the synchronous reference frame method for improving the power quality (mitigation of voltage sag and harmonics compensation) of distribution systems. Simulation of DSTATCOM is carried out using simulink in MATLAB.  Simulation studies demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed control approaches in the synchronous-rotating d-q reference frame for DSTATCOM to improve power quality issues in Distribution System.


DSTATCOM, Voltage Sag, Harmonics Compensation, VSI, SIMULINK, Synchronous Reference Frame (SRF) Theory.

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