Vol 4, No 4 (2012)

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Analysis of Micro S Trip Fractal Arrays PDF
T. Durga Prasad, K. Karuna Kumari, K.V. Satya Kumar, B. Kanthamma, M. Ramesh 119-123
Simulated Annealing for Optimal IIR Digital Filters PDF
R.S. Chauhan, S.K. Arya 124-129
Power Line Compensation Study of a FACTS Devices using PSAT PDF
D. Vinoth Kumar, V. Janaki Priya 130-134
Optimizing Voice Recognition using Various Techniques PDF
Dr.S. Lakshmi Narayana, J. Suneetha Devi, I. Bhargav Reddy, P. Harish 135-141
Design of High Accuracy Fixed Width Modified Booth Multiplier for MAC Unit PDF
M. Thamaraiselvi, G.R. Mahendra Babu 142-145
Area and Power Efficient DWT using Reduced Complexity Wallace Multiplier PDF
S. Anantha Priyadharsini, G.R. Mahendra Babu 146-149
Energy Efficient 3-Transistor XOR-XNOR for Arithmetic Applications PDF
P. Sathya, G.R. Mahendrababu 150-153
Estimation of the Trajectory of an Acoustic Source PDF
T.T. Sivaprasad, A. Saravanakumar 154-158
Speech Recognition in Noisy Conditions using Radon Transform and Discrete Cosine Transform from the Features Derived from Gammatone Filter Bank (GTFB) PDF
Yogesh S. Angal, Mangesh S. Deshpande, Raghunath S. Holambe, Rajan H. Chile 159-165
Anti-Clutter and Anti-Jamming Capabilities for Different Radars PDF
M. Praveen Kumar Reddi, K. Renu 166-170

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