Vol 3, No 7 (2011)

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Global Chaos Synchronization of Li and Pan Chaotic Systems by Active Nonlinear Control PDF
Dr.V. Sundarapandian 308-312
Performance of Adaptive Algorithm for Noise Cancellation PDF
Sneha S. Pathade, Dr.S.D. Lokhande, M.R. Bachute 313-317
An Efficient High Speed and Low Area Digital FIR Filter Design Based on Sectioning of Look up Table in Distributed Arithmetic Algorithm PDF
E. Chitra, Dr. T. Vigneswaran 318-323
Proposed Modification in ETSI GSM 06.10 Full Rate Speech Codec for High Rate Data Hiding and Its Overall Performance Analysis PDF
Ninad S. Bhatt, Yogeshwar P. Kosta 324-334
Speech Enhancement Using Microphone Array Beamforming Techniques PDF
A.S.N. Murthy, G. Sai Karthik Reddy, D. Elizabeth Rani 335-343
Piano Notes Synthesis Using Linear Prediction Coding and Wavelet Transform PDF
Vidya V. Pawar, Dr.S.D. Apte 344-348
Steganography: See the Unseen PDF
Pankaj Sharma, Onkar Singh 349-352
Text Dependent Speaker Recognition Using Linear Prediction Coefficients-Dynamic Time Warping PDF
Santosh S. Rokade, Srija Unnikrishnan, Ranjushree Pal 353-357
A Novel Architecture for Multiple Modulations on an FPGA Based Digital Modulator PDF
S.A.S. Krishna Chaitanya, Dr. V. Padmaja 358-365
Measuring and Analyzing the SAR Inclination in Human Exposure PDF
Jacob Abharam, P. Vipeesh 366-370
Implementation of 8 Bit Ripple Carry Adder and Serial Adder using Clocked Adiabatic Logic PDF
N. Vinothkumar, V. Vignesh, S. Ravi 371-375
DC–DC Converters Using a Boost-Half-Bridge Cell for Low-Voltage and Low-Power Applications PDF
R. Anandaraj, G. Giftson Samuel, Venkatesh Kumar 376-382

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