Vol 5, No 6 (2013)

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Speech Signal De-noising using Negative Entropy based Independent Component Analysis and Adaptive Wavelet Packet Thresholding PDF
Mohini Avatade, Shashikant L. Sahare 195-200
Speech Recognition using Dynamic Time Warping PDF
R. Shashikant, Daulappa G. Bhalke 201-204
IFIR Filters with Improved Efficiency for Filter Banks and Trans Multiplexers PDF
Jyotsna Ogale, Alok Jain 205-210
A New Approach for Coding of Speech Signals using Auto Associative Neural Networks PDF
B. Kirubagari, S. Palanivel 211-215
Minimization of Area in Carry Select Adder PDF
A.N. Jayanthi, C.S. Ravichandran 216-220
Design of Optimal Baseband Processor for Modernised GPS Signals PDF
S. Mariappan, G. Sasibhusana Rao, Swarna Ravindra Babu 221-229
Design of Wallace Tree Multiplier using Modified Carry Save Adder PDF
E. Prakash, R. Raju, Dr.R. Varatharajan 230-234

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