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New Image Processing Techniques for Steganograpy

T. Thambidurai


Steganography is the method in which we transfer our secret data through internet, while sending our secret information hidden within image, but the problem is there is some changes in image properties and hacker can easily hack the data very easily .Today steganography techniques is open to all and know to all hackers while he searching that method through any communication media. Sending the secret information through internet is very difficult nowadays, you can understand if you study history and importance .In our paper that describes the drawbacks of current generation steganography and we also discussed about our new algorithm and also we explained our research works in steganography. Steganography is the good method but nobody can give more importance to processing the image so we give more importance to processing the image and we applied a new image processing method .During our research work we find out the new image processing techniques for steganography and we explained this new method with one example and how it works.


Steganography, Detecting Hidden Information,Steganographic Algorithms

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