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Z-Source Inverter for Fuzzy Logic Control using Adjustable-Speed Drives System

N. Manimaran, S.D. Sundarsingh Jebaseelan


An adjustable-speed drives (ASD) system based on
the high-performance Z-source inverter. It can overcome limitationsof conventional Z-source inverter system. The proposed system canoperate at wide range load with small inductor .It eliminates thepossibility of the DC-link voltage aberrances; simplify the Zsourcenetwork inductor and controller design. It increase the invertermodulation index M and decrease the ripple current by changing themagnitude and distribution of the harmonics and then decrease the
iron loss of the motor. The IGBT switch is controlled in such a waythat it is in off state when inverter is in shoot-through state and switchis in on state when inverter is in non-shoot through state. The v/f ratiois maintain constant to maintain DC link voltage constant and controlthe Fuzzy logic controlgate pulses of the inverter. The operatingprinciple and analysis has been carried out and proposed model issimulated. The simulation result verifies the validity of the proposedhigh-performance Z-source inverter adjustable speed drives system.The paper presents a fuzzy logic speed control system based on fuzzylogic approach for an indirect vector controlled induction motor drivefor high performance. The analysis, design and simulation of thefuzzy logic controller for indirect vector control induction motor arecarried out based on fuzzy set theory.


Line Harmonics, Z-Source Inverter. Motor Drives, Indirect Vector Control, Fuzzy Logic Control, Speed Control

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