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A Cloud Based Protection for Social Networks Using Advanced Security Tool

D. Saravanan, R. Aktharunisa Begum


Now-a-days there are lots of security issues in cloud computing based social networks. The main focus on security issues in cloud computing that are associated with Social networks. for  protecting a website there are using advanced security tool of eye scanner.  This system process of capture user eyes verified cloud database of authenticate person or not for example the scanner used for identification purpose of Aathar card. This system is a process of capture a person eyes inner color and layer size to be stored the cloud database.[1][19] In our project is based on this system methodologies process identified the person eye color and layer mismatched verification of cloud database is true or false. When the person login even every time our website in this process executed concurrently,[19] This system is an efficient than the traditional methodologies followed earlier.


Cloud Computing, Big Data, Security Issues, Security, Security Tools, Advanced Security Tool,

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