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Lane Change Model Using Neuro-Fuzzy in Intelligent Transportation System

Bandu Nandekar, Rajshri Mundewadikar, Sanjay Dorle


Lane change of vehicle on highway under dangerous condition is use to solve the traffic accidents. Recently the number of motor vehicles has increased. The driving behaviors of people have also been changed and hard to recognize, predict and handle. In order to avoid these kinds of accidents it is necessary to develop a safety lane change model can improve the driving safety. Fuzzy system is a powerful way to put engineering expertise into products in a short interval of time. The idea of fuzzy systems is based on the premise that in the real, world changes is not catastrophic but would take place from one action rule to another. In this paper, an attempt has been made to develop a neural- fuzzy system that can integrate with other vehicle control systems in order to assist the driver to avoid vehicle collision. The system simulates the actual situation between vehicles by representing the relationships between the inputs and outputs in the form of IF-THEN rules and to avoid the collision.


Fuzzy System Applications, Hybrid Control, Collision Avoidance

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