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Detection of Green and Orange Colour Fruits in Outdoor Condition Using Robotic Applications

A. Manjula, L. Felix Marchel, R. Gokul, R. Manoj, S. Vignesh


This project is developed for an automation purpose which is suitable for juice making industries. For this, we will be using image processing for detecting the colour. By using image sensor, we will be monitoring the fruits which are moving in a conveyor belt. The monitored information will be sent to image processing section. By using LABVIEW we will be processing the images and as the result we will get an extracted colour of the input product. If the fruits are yellowish green, then it will be processed to the next section and if the fruits are not in expected colour, then we will get an alert saying that the corresponding fruit is not suitable for the next process. By using RTC, we will be monitoring the shift timings and based on the shift timings, production output will be calculated.

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