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MEMS Based Robot

D. Yuvaraj, M. Udhaya Kumar, G. Jerophin Cecil, S. Asarudeen, D. Deepak Saravanan


Robotics plays vital role in industrial automation, automobile, communication, bio-medical, weather fore casting and much more areas. Robotics are manmade machine to do continuous operation without rest. Old generation robots are programmed for single continuous work. New generation robots are very intelligent, which can perform various works simultaneously. We would like to develop a real working model robot to handle various functions which are essential nowadays world. We would like to develop the robot using state of art embedded technology to reduce the complexity in design and to achieve maximized output with minimized input. The robot in our mind is expected to perform various works like moving forward, moving reverse, tuning left and right, with super intelligence like detecting the obstacle, finding bombs on its route, path finding, Image capturing, voice detection and recording mechanical conventional recorders etc…Only 35 single world instructions to learn PIC 16F877A controllers is a powerful tool for automation and the chip is most compatible for our project. 16F877A will be coupled to the computer using proper interpreter protocols. The chip is available in normal 40 PIN DIP package. A real movable mechanical model also will be developed to ensure our reality demonstration. Mechanical model will not like a toy, expected to look like real moving and industrial model.

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