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Visual Tracking and Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with Self Balancing Using a Stereo Camera System and Inertial Sensors

M. Vimalraj, Sakthivel ., K. Jeyanthi


In this paper a complete system is designed and implemented, in which the motion of a quadcopter is stably controlled based on visual feedback and measurements of inertial sensors. We focus on developing a cost effective and easy-to-setup vision system. Active markers were finely designed to improve visibility under various perspectives as well as robustness towards disturbances in the image-based pose estimation. Moreover, position- and heading controllers for the quadcopter were implemented to show the system’s capabilities. The performance of the controllers was further improved by the use of inertial sensors of the quadcopter. A closed-loop control system is successfully conducted.


Vision System, Motion Estimation, Multiple Sensing System, UAV/MAV Control.

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