Vol 4, No 3 (2012)

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Z-Source Inverter for Fuzzy Logic Control using Adjustable-Speed Drives System PDF
N. Manimaran, S.D. Sundarsingh Jebaseelan 82-90
Efficient Intrusion Detection based on Fuzzy WAR with Genetic Network Programming using Probability Density Function PDF
P. Prasenna, A.V.T. Raghav Ramana 91-95
Effective Use of Fuzzy Concept and Multi-Dimensional Data Structure in Cloud Computing PDF
Rinku V. Rajankar, R.W. Jasutkar 96-98
Application of Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System for Transformer Fault Diagnosis PDF
A. Venkatasami, Dr. P. Latha, K. Kasirajan 99-102
Fuzzy-Neuro Logic in Segmentation of MRI Images PDF
C. Venkatesh, Fahimuddin Shaik, Ghouse Mohammed Imran, T. Haneesh 103-107
Image Edge Detection Using Fuzzy Logic ―Compatibility Mode‖ PDF
N. Keerthikaa, M. Priya 108-111
A Comparative Analysis of Clustering Algorithms for Content Based Image Retrieval PDF
D. Napoleon, M. Praneesh, P. Ramya 112-114

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