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Malicious Impostor Email Prevention Using Randomly Encrypted Address Book

R. Rajesh Perumal, J. Vinu


Active hacking methods are easily identifiable with the analysis of firewall and intrusion detection/prevention device log files. However too Many organizations & individuals fail to identify the potential threats from the Malicious Impostor Emails (the next generation attack), which aren’t normally identifiable by software or human beings. In this paper, we see about the next generation attack, much more powerful than previous ones, called malicious impostor emails. A malicious impostor email looks perfectly legitimate in every way (e.g., it can pass any statistical filter and human inspection), since it uses the concept of masquerading to spread itself. Prevention for this attack can be obtained by encrypting the White List. Randomly Encrypted Address Book (REAB) can significantly slow down malicious email spreading. Encrypting those email addresses may theoretically defeat their self-spreading.


Email Addresses, Malicious Impostor Emails, Masquerading, REAB

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