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An Investigation Analysis of PV-System Using Solar Reconfigurable Converter Fed BLDC Motor

S. Kowsalya, M. Rajalakshmi, P. Selvaraj, S. Soundarrajan, D. Shanmugavel


This paper suggests a new converter called Solar Reconfigurable Converter (SRC) for BLDC drive with PV-battery application using fuzzy control algorithm. The main concept of the SRC is reducing different power conversion stages to a single power conversion stage.  For BLDC drive fuzzy logic controller is used to control the motor drive in closed loop. The main advantage of the fuzzy logic control is to eliminate steady state error and harmonic content and improve the system performance. By gaining that system response effectively. We get reliability of power supply with less time and on low cost. Both DC-AC and DC-DC operations can be performed in a single stage of conversion with MPPT algorithm. A MPPT technique is also used to extract the maximum power from the PV panel to the battery. And the SRC integrates the different energy storages levels. This converter solution is using for PV-battery application, since it reduce number of conversion stages, thereby improving the efficiency. Ultimately the efficiency of the project gives more than that of the normal solar converter efficiency. A development of the model and analysing the simulation is done using MATLAB/ simulation software.

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