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Wipe Out Brute Force and Exterminate Malware - Based Attacks Using High Secure One-Time Password by Grid-Clear-CAPTCHA (GCC) – Analytical Study

M. Viju Prakash, S. Jeya Shobana, P. Alwin Infant


A protected network partially depends on user authentication and regrettably authentication schemes used at present are not utterly secure. Some passwords are not computationally dominant, where brute force attacks on this unprecedented scale became potential. Here we have deliberated a schema of High Secure One-Time Password (OTP) algorithm developed by Grid-Clear-CAPTCHA (GCC) which makes uncomplicated to commit to memory and is computationally so powerful. Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Human Apart (CAPTCHA) is a simple system which prevents direct system relations. GCC enriched by user transaction password which is known to authenticate user. This proposed slant can be fairly and rapidly provided to the system, while at the same time remaining impractical to break the brute force and other Malware based attacks. OTP powered with user‟s unique identifications; makes a finite alphanumeric token valid for a session and for a single use. Permutation of these two schemas gives ceiling security for authentications and almost impossible to break. We have also proposed a novel measure of security levels of many popular authentication schemas against the one we proposed.


Brute Force, CAPTCHA, OTP, Security, Token

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