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Adaptive Local Route Optimization Technique with Multiple MAP Environments in Hierarchical Mobile IPv6 Networks

Yudhvir Singh, Yogesh Chaba, Rajesh Kumar, Prabha Rani


WiMax is an acronym meaning Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMax). WiMax based on Wireless Metropolitan Area Networking (WMAN) standards developed by the IEEE 802.16 group. The IEEE 802.16 standard was developed to deliver Non-Line-of-Sight (NLoS) connectivity between a subscriber station and base station with typical cell radius of three to ten kilometres. A frequently IP handover plays very important role to increase the performance of network in WiMax. HMIPv6 (Hierarchical Mobile IPv6) basically reduces the overhead of signalling overhead as well as latency of handoff which is associated with the MIPv6. ALRO(Adaptive Local Route Optimization) technique that implements within the single MAP(Mobility Anchor Point) environment optimizes the route at the SMR predefined threshold value. An enhanced version of ALRO technique implemented with Multiple MAP domain is proposed in this paper. It is found that ALRO scheme implemented in HMIPv6 protocol with the multiple MAP environment improves the network performance as compared to basic ALRO scheme.



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