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Efficient Message Routing in Unstructured P2P Using CIS and Ant Search Algorithms

U. Kaleelurrahaman, L.M. Nithya, V. Jeyakrishnan


Peer-to-Peer overlay systems offer a substrate for the construction of large scale and distributed applications. Peer-to-Peer applications are differentiated in to two major forms, structured P2P and unstructured P2P. Unlike structured P2P, unstructured P2P does not maintain any technique to keep track of the other peers in the network. Communications between the peers are carried out by either flooding or random walk mechanism. But these mechanisms consume lot of bandwidth during communication. In this paper we propose a novel message routing mechanism which uses the CIS and ant algorithm to provide efficient communication between peers.


Ant Search Algorithm, CIS Algorithm, Message Routing, Peer-to-Peer

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