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Internet of Things: A Study on Security and Privacy Issues

P Najera, L Da Xu, P Guillemin


Today the world is being influenced by new technologies. Some examples are computers, cell phones, tags, washing machines and other equipment. The Internet of Things is a huge network of interconnected "things". These devices contain microchips that interconnect all devices. These microchips track their surroundings and report their status to the network and people. The best thing about the Internet of Things is that all physical objects can communicate and can be accessed through the Internet. Due to the low cost of the Internet, a large number of devices are connected to the Internet. In 2008, the number of devices connected to the Internet exceeded the number of humans on Earth. As a result, we are surrounded by many smart devices. These smart devices make our lives easy and convenient. Conversely, we face many threats and cyber attacks. Our privacy is always threatened. In this article, we have discussed the security threats associated with various applications on the Internet of Things.


IOT, Sensors, RFID, WSN, Security, Privacy, Internet Introduction.

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