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Reactive Congestion Control Active Queue Management Schemes - Survey

G. Maria Priscilla, Dr. Antony Selvadoss Thanamani


Internet the growing technology with the emergence of new applications and diverse quality of service requirements has become increasingly important. Congestion the major problem in internet requires some management in responsive and unresponsive flows. Active Queue Management (AQM) schemes are a class of queue management algorithms which are designed to overcome the drawbacks in the classical drop-tail queues and for congestion avoidance and congestion prevention. These AQM schemes are classified based on the decisions taken while dropping the packets. The types of marking or dropping the packets to improve the throughput , performance , fairness in bursty traffics and the packet loss ratio are involved. The reactive congestion control active queue management schemes are discussed in this paper.


Congestion Control, AQM, RED, Queue Management.

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