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An Improving Security of Randomized Arithmetic Code with RPB Techniques

Nirmal J. Mangaly, Iwin Joseph Thanakumar


We propose randomized arithmetic code (RAC) with
rotation in partitioned bit stream (RPB) technique. In this technique we improve more security. The RAC intends for the random order of the intervals associated with the symbols. RPB which further executes a random rotation to the output of the final bit stream. In the proposed technique, we used only less amount of time taken. The proposed technique RAC with RPB takes only less computational overhead and reduce the wastage of time. Here, in each and every step it does not take the XOR operation. The security analysis in the proposed scheme can resist the cipher-text attacks. By using this technique, against from the cipher-text only attacks.


Arithmetic Codes, Cryptanalysis, Randomized Arithmetic Codes, And Rotation in Partition Bit Streams.

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