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Improving Client Performance by Preventing Buffer Size Exhaustive

M. Prathap, D Arthi, M. Chandrasekhar


While a network is performing its tasks, the packets are captured and analyzed to estimate the traffic passing along with results displayed by the machine comprising the installed tool. It is possible to filter the network traffic to focus on the specified needed information. During the process, the experimental analysis showed the buffer utilization is done whereas the buffer usage is in critical state. This implies that if the buffer is nearing to its full capacity then it loses its efficiency by not allowing the newly arriving packet contents. However the same buffer size was used for both reading and writing operations and this itself the challenge. The buffer usage was found to be exhaustive leaving no free space for the newly incoming byte. We propose a double buffering management system whereas both the reading and writing are done simultaneously using incremental movements capable of dual operations simultaneously. The pointed bit positions are sent and the pointer is incremented till the end of the first buffer. After sending the last bit then the pointer is moved to the first bit of second buffer. This process is repeated until the last bit is sent. The obtained results are displayed showing that this system is more efficient than that of the previous system and has more packets to transact.


Buffer, byte, client, double buffer, HTTP, packet, server and traffic analysis.

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