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Low Latency Seamless Transport Interface

Mauli Gulati, Dr. Deepak Garg


In this paper we introduce a new concept of seamless interface. This seamless interface would help the businesses which are increasingly dependent on a connected world and the real-time flow of information across systems. In this paper we aimed at analyzing and combining the efficiency of shared memory and sockets for communication between processes on local host and on remote host. The notion here is to design and introduce the concept of an abstraction layer that encapsulates shared memory based communication interface and socket based communication interface into one seamless interface. In present market at this point of time, we do not have an equivalent solution. This innovative solution is all set to change the way industry communicates in between processes. The solution tries to give communication on local host its deemed advantage. The resultant system shall result in be extreme low latency, and would be used by the commercial organization.


Inter-process Communication, Shared Memory, Seamless Interface, Sockets, Local Host, Fast Communication.

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