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Design of TCP Protocol with Low Priority for Improving TCP Performance

S. Malarvizhi, Dr. P. Madeshwaran


Service prioritization among different traffic classes is an important goal for the Internet. In this paper, we devise a new distributed algorithm to realize a low-priority service from the network endpoints. To this end, we develop TCP Low Priority(TCP-LP), a distributed algorithm whose goal is to utilize only the excess network bandwidth. the key mechanisms unique to TCP-LP congestion control are the use of one-way packet delays for early congestion indications and a TCP transparent congestion avoidance policy. the simulation results show that 1) Multiple TCP-LP flows share excess bandwidth fairly; 2) Substantial amounts of excess bandwidth are available to the low-priority class, even in the presence of “greedy” TCP flows; 3) Despite their low-priority nature, TCP-LP flows are able to utilize significant amounts of available bandwidth in a wide-area network environment.


TCP, Bandwidth, Service Prioritization, TCP-LP, TCP-transparency.

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