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Prevention of Wormhole and Blackhole Attacks by Detecting Wormhole Nodes Using Countermeasure with AHP

A. Ayisha Parveen, M. Saithun Bushra, M. Islabudeen


Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) is an accumulation of mobile devices that dynamically form a temporary network. The purpose of MANET is used to communicate with nodes without the help of network infrastructure or any centralized administration. Mobile ad hoc networks are harmful to large group of attacks like wormhole attack, blackhole attack, etc., Most of the existing papers use the attack detection techniques to detect specific attack of MANET. In our project, We aims to prevent wormhole attack and blackhole attack using countermeasure with Analytical Hierarchy Process(AHP) to elect some special nodes, named the Local Most Trustable nodes(LMT) for the source and the destination node respectively. The elected nodes are then required to implement our scheme for avoiding wormhole and blackhole attacks. We have   not only detected wormhole attack and blackhole attack, but also located wormhole and blackhole nodes, i.e., identify the malicious nodes which possess misbehavior. The solution for blackhole and colluding wormhole attacks, we present a countermeasure named Bi-directional location mechanism with effective parameters for the calculation of node’s weight. 


Mobile Ad Hoc Networks -Wormhole - Blackhole - Analytical Hierarchy Process - Local Most Trustable Node - Bi-Directional Location Mechanism.

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